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standard by IEEE, 04/27/2018

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– Active.The IEEE Std 2030 series provides alternative approaches and best practices for achieving smart grid interoperability. The IEEE Std. 2030 is first all-encompassing IEEE standard on smart grid interoperability providing a roadmap directed at establishing the framework in developing an IEEE national and international body of standards based on cross-cutting technical disciplines in power applications and information exchange and control through communications. It also applies the smart grid interoperability reference model (SGIRM) process (IEEE Std 2030-2011) to energy storage by highlighting the information relevant to energy storage system (ESS) interoperability with the energy power system (EPS). It defines the mechanisms for exchanging application messages, the exact messages exchanged including error messages, and the security features used to protect the application messages. It addresses key elements of microgrid operation that is the microgrid energy management system (MEMS). Testing procedures are addressed. (This bundle includes: IEEE 2030-2011, IEEE 2030.1.1-2015, IEEE 2030.2-2015, IEEE 2030.3-2016, IEEE 2030.5-2013, IEEE 2030.6-2016, and IEEE 2030.7-2017.)

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