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IEEE Guide–Adoption of ISO/IEC TR 24474:2010 Systems and Software Engineering– Life Cycle Management–Guidelines for Process Description
standard by IEEE, 04/27/2012

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New IEEE Standard – Active.ISO/IEC TR 24774:2010 is adopted by this standard.An increasing number of international, national and industry standards describe process models. These models are developed for a range of purposes including process implementation and assessment. The terms and descriptions used in such models vary in format, content and level of prescription. ISO/IEC TR 24774:2010 presents guidelines for the elements used most frequently in describing a process: the title, purpose, outcomes, activities, task and information item. Whilstthe primary purpose of ISO/IEC TR 24774:2010 is to encourage consistency in standard process reference models, the guidelines it provides can be applied to any process model developed forany purpose.

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