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Automated Crush Strength of Spherical and Extruded Catalysts
standard by UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company, 06/01/2012

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This method is for determining the piece crush strength (PCS) of spherical and extruded catalysts using the Lloyd???s LS1 motorized sample stand fitted with a load cell. The method applies primarily to particles having a nominal diameter of 1.6-mm (1/16-inch), but may also be used for particles up to 3.2-mm (1/8-inch) in diameter. The measurement range is from 1 N (Newtons) to 500 N.

Test apparatus other than the Lloyds may be used provided comparable results are obtained. For statistical purposes, the number of particles crushed is set at a minimum of 50, however, more may be analyzed to improve the precision of the PCS measurement.

Data generated using this method can be made comparable to those generated using UOP Method 914, ???Automated Crush Strength of Catalysts or Molecular Sieves,??? and UOP Method 973, ???Automated Crush Strength of Extruded Catalysts,??? if instrument parameters are set to specific values. General instrument settings that can be used for the Lloyd instrument are listed in Appendix A.

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