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Linear Alkylbenzene Isomer Distribution in Detergent Alkylate by GC
standard by UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company, 10/01/2012

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This method is for determining the isomer distribution in C15 through C20 mono-substituted linear alkylbenzenes (LABs). The 6-phenyltridecane and 7-phenyltridecane isomers are not resolved from each other and are determined as a composite. The lower limit of detection for a single component is 0.1 mass-%.

Components other than linear alkylbenzenes are not normally determined by this method; however, an estimate of the total LAB content of the sample may be obtained by measuring the components present in the sample other than the LABs. A calculation is included to determine the number average molecular weight of the LABs in the sample, if needed.

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