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Telecom systems for mobile offshore units (MOU)
standard by NORSOK, 10/24/2019

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NORSOK T-003 provides functional and technical requirements for the data- and telecommunication services needed on board a mobile offshore unit (MOU) in order to fulfil the requirements for voice, data and video communication between the mobile offshore unit and the company’s communication networks, regardless of distance to shore.

It also forms the basis for achieving cost reduction by combining contractor’s and operator’s needs for similar services.

This document applies to mobile offshore units as described in the PSA regulations.

This NORSOK standard does not address any aspects regarding the mobile offshore unit’s own operational needs or any requirement with which the mobile offshore unit shall comply in order to meet mandatory requirements.

Where applicable, NORSOK T-101 [4] or any part of it may be used for mobile offshore units.

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