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Condition monitoring of loadbearing structures, includes Corrigendum AC (January 2019)
standard by NORSOK, 10/31/2017

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Includes Corrigendum AC, January 2019.

NORSOK N-005 contains principles, practices, functional requirements and guidelines for the integritymanagement of offshore structures and marine systems throughout their life, including time untildecommissioning and final removal.

This standard is applicable to all types of offshore load-bearing structures used in petroleumactivities, including substructures, topside structures, vessel hulls, foundations, mooring systemsand marine systems such as water and weather tight systems, stability systems and stationkeeping systems.

This standard covers all aspects of integrity management, including the management of data,inspection and/or monitoring strategies, inspection and/or monitoring execution, integrity evaluationand integrity assessment.

The assessment of existing offshore structures to be operated beyond original requirements isaddressed in NORSOK N-006. Initiators for when such assessment is needed are covered in thatstandard, in accordance with NORSOK N-001.

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