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Cloud Computing Innovation in India: A Framework and Roadmap – White Paper 2.0
standard by IEEE, 12/31/2014

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– Active.This paper represents the consolidated work of a significant body of experts from industry, government, academia, and professional bodies that came together within the CCICI to assess global trends in Cloud Computing, the status of India, India-specific challenges and opportunities, and recommendations to accelerate Cloud Computing adoption and innovation in India. This paper presents a roadmap for Cloud Computing in India spanning the following three phases: 1.) Foundation and adoption; 2.) Penetration and scale out; 3.) Maturity and global leadership. The next five years are expected to be an exponential growth phase for Cloud Computing in India. Rapid adoption of cloud in the global market and the prolific innovation for the cloud and on the cloud represents a disruptive play in the IT/ITES industry. This is a great opportunity as well as threat for Indias IT/ITES industry. A proper strategy and focus on innovation is essential to be able to ride this wave as opposed to being washed away by it.

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