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IEEE Global Consumer Socialization of Smart Grid
standard by IEEE, 09/03/2013

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– Active.One of the primary goals of smart grid is to provide its consumers control over their energy consumption, with the help of real-time information, which in turn benefits both consumers and utilities in managing electricity. This report details the challenges faced by utilities, government bodies and industry bodies in understanding the consumer behavior and educating them on smart grid. It also suggests action items that can be undertaken in order to create large-scale awareness and understanding among consumers.The report highlights the role of a consumer in successful smart grid deployment. It segregates consumers into various strata on the basis of attributes such as their requirements and priorities, smart grid technologies and services from which they will benefit most, and the methods of engaging with them. It also details out the key challenges faced by consumers in adopting smart grid services. These challenges have become a formidable roadblock in the smooth implementation of smart grids. The report also throws light on various expectations that consumers have from smart grids and suggests key socialization channels for mitigating concerns and delivering value to consumers. For Corporate or Institutional Access, request a custom quote for your organization at

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