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standard by IEEE, 10/20/2017

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Electric machinery standards provide manufacturers and designers with the specifications they need to know on-the-job, while providing tests and diagnosis for various types of electric machines. This VuSpec collection contains 30 Active and 18 Archive IEEE standards, Guides and Recommended practices used worldwide pertinent to the generation of electric energy and its conversion into other forms of electric or mechanical energy. Specific topics include: Synchronous machines Induction machines DC and Permanent Magnet machines Motor generator sets -Rotating frequency changers Electric couplings, brakes and dynamometers Magneto-hydrodynamic energy conversion ducts Insulation, magnetic, conductor, and super conductor materials as used in electrical machinery Linear Electric Machinery Power Electronic controls for electric machinery Effects of power electronic controls on electric machine components. Exclusive VuSpec bonus features include a point-and-click browser interface providing a full-text search, a glossary of terms and an index of keywords to guide you to the correct standard. This single-user licensed product includes 30 Active and 18 Archive IEEE standards in the Electric Machinery family. Visit for a complete list of contents.

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