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IEEE Standard for Trip Systems for Low-Voltage (1000 V and below) AC and General Purpose (1500 V and below) DC Power Circuit Breakers
standard by IEEE, 09/18/2012

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Revision Standard – Active.Requirements for direct acting current and voltage protective functions of direct-acting overcurrent electromechanical trip devices, direct-acting overcurrent electronic trip systems, reverse-current trip systems for dc circuit breakers, and undervoltage trip devices that are integral with low-voltage ac (1000 V and below) and general purpose low-voltage dc (1500 and below) power circuit breakers covered by IEEE Std C37.13(TM), IEEE Std C37.14(TM), and IEEE Std C37.16(TM) are included in this standard. Additional information, communication and/or additional internal or external protective functions or devices are not covered (but also not restricted) by this standard.

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