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IEEE Guide–Adoption of ISO/IEC TR 24748-1:2010 Systems and Software Engineering–Life Cycle Management–Part 1: Guide for Life Cycle Management
standard by IEEE, 06/03/2011

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New IEEE Standard – Superseded.This guide adopts ISO/IEC TR 24748-1:2010, which provides information on life cycle concepts and descriptions of the purposes and outcomes of representative life cycle stages. It also illustrates the use of a life cycle model for systems in the context of ISO/IEC 15288 and provides a corresponding illustration of the use of a life cycle model for software in the context of ISO/IEC 12207. ISO/IEC TR 24748-1:2010 additionally provides detailed discussion and advice on adapting a life cycle model for use in a specific project and organizational environment. It further provides guidance on life cycle model use by domains, disciplines and specialties.ISO/IEC TR 24748-1:2010 gives a detailed comparison between prior and current versions of ISO/IEC 12207 and ISO/IEC 15288, as well as advice on transitioning from prior to current versions and on using their application guides. The discussion and advice are intended to provide a reference model for life cycle models, facilitate use of the updated ISO/IEC 15288 and ISO/IEC 12207, and provide a framework for the development of updated application guides for those International Standards. ISO/IEC TR 24748-1:2010 is a result of the alignment stage of the harmonization of ISO/IEC 12207 and ISO/IEC 15288.

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