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Dimensions of probes and terminal units for medical gas supply systems. Requirements
standard by BSI Group, 06/30/2015

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BS 5682:2015 specifies dimensions for probes and terminal units for thesupply of medical gases (including vacuum).

It is applicable to probes and terminal units for the following medical gases:

  • oxygen;
  • nitrous oxide;
  • oxygen/nitrous oxide mixture;
  • medical air 400 kPa;
  • medical air 700 kPa and above;
  • helium/oxygen mixture; and
  • vacuum.

This standard does not include specifications for probes and terminal units for:

  • nitrogen for driving surgical tools;
  • carbon dioxide; or
  • oxygen 93.

Cross References:
BS EN ISO 18082
BS EN ISO 5359
BS EN ISO 6506-1
BS EN ISO 9170-1:2008
ISO 32
BS EN ISO 6506-4
RAL 840 HR

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