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Mortar. Methods of test for mortar. Chemical analysis and physical testing
standard by BSI Group, 08/22/2005

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Specifies methods of sampling preparation, physical testing and chemical analysis of mortars for bricklaying, plastering and rendering. The methods described are for the determination of parameters that have traditionally been used in the UK but which are neither defined, nor superseded, by BS EN 998-1, BS EN 998-2 or BS EN 1015 (all parts). Methods of interpretation of chemical analysis results are also described. The methods of test given are not intended to be applied to mortars containing high alumina cement or mortars whose principle binder is hydraulic lime.

Cross References:
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ISO 3310-1
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BS ISO 5725-2

Incorporates the following:
Amendment, January 2010. Amends and replaces BS 4551:2005

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