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Recommendations for the radiographic examination of fusion welded buttjoints in steel
standard by Standards Australia, 01/01/1965

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Sets out recommendations for the radiographic examination of fusion welded butt joints in steel by the use of X-rays or gamma rays. The recommendations are based primarily on radiographic techniques which have been used successfully in industry for the examination of welds. The techniques described are all based on a procedure in which the film lies parallel to, and adjacent to, one surface of the weld and the source of radiation is on the remote side of the weld and at some distance from it. They have many other features in common and the major differences lie in – whether X-rays or gamma rays are used, and the type of film and screens used. No attempt is made to define which technique is to be used for any particular weld, as this is a matter for agreement between the contracting parties. It is pointed out however, that where applicable, Statutory Regulations must be met.

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