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Automated Crush Strength of Extruded Catalysts
standard by UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company, 01/01/2001

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This method is for determining the crush strength of extruded and shaped catalysts using a Chatillon motorized sample stand and force gauge with a chisel anvil. The measurement range is from 1 Newton (N) (0.22 lbf) to 250 N (56 lbf). The range can be extended to 450 N (101 lbf) when using an alternative force gauge. Test apparatus other than the Chatillon may be used provided comparable data can be obtained. For statistical purposes, the number of extruded pieces crushed is set at a minimum of fifty; however, more may be specified.

Data generated using this method cannot be directly compared to those generated using UOP Method 914, Automated Crush Strength of Catalysts or Molecular Sieves. This method will yield higher values for crush strength. Proper comparisons can only be made after tests are run to determine the offset between the two methods. Such offsets are expected to vary from product to product.

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