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Nickel, Tungsten, Sodium and Aluminum in Hydrocracking Catalysts by ICP-AES
standard by UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company, 01/01/2000

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This method is for determining nickel(Ni), tungsten(W), sodium(Na) and aluminum(Al) in fresh alumina or alumino-silicate supported catalysts by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES). The method is suitable for the determination of elements from the low ppm to high mass percent concentration ranges. The determination of Ni, W, Na and Al is described herein, however, many other elements which are brought into solution during the described sample decomposition can be also determined. Because of incomplete dissolution, catalysts containing alpha- or theta-alumina phases cannot be analyzed by this method, however, it can be applied if a modified sample dissolution technique, such as a TeflonTM lined pressure vessel (not described herein) is utilized.

This method can also be used for spent catalyst after suitable pretreatment.

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