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Normal Olefins and Normal Paraffins by Gas Chromatography
standard by UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company, 01/01/1992

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This method is for determining total normal olefins (TNO), individual carbon number normal olefins, total normal paraffins (TNP) and individual normal paraffins in the UOP Pacol, UOP Define and UOP Olex process feed and product streams. Samples are typically in the C9 to C14 carbon number range, consisting of light ends (cracked by-products), normal paraffins, normal olefins, and associated non-normal compounds. Normal olefins include diolefins, if present. Small amounts of non-normals elute with the normal paraffins and normal olefins resulting in an approximate value for total non-normals (TNN). A more accurate TNN value can be determined separately by UOP Method 411 (see NOTE). The lower limit of detection for any compound is 0.01 mass-%. The lower limit of quantitation for any carbon number group is 0.05 mass-%.

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