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Trace Impurities in Benzene by GC
standard by UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company, 11/01/2010

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This gas chromatographic method is for determining individual and total trace hydrocarbon impurities in olefin-free, high-purity benzene. C8 and lower boiling paraffins, naphthenes, toluene, and C8 aromatics are determined. The lower limit of quantitation for any single component is 1 mg/kg (mass-ppm).

Benzene purity can also be determined by ASTM Method D4492, where the lower detection limit is 50 mg/kg per component. Although benzene is not listed in their scopes, ASTM Methods D2360, D5917, and D7504 may also be used to measure impurities in benzene. All of these ASTM Methods determine the non-aromatics as a total whereas this method also provides a distribution.

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