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Performance Specifications for Anthropomorphic Test Device Transducers
standard by SAE International, 08/12/2009

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This SAE Information Report defines the minimum performance specifications for accelerometers, load cells, and angular position transducers used within Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs) when performing impact tests per SAE J211, “Instrumentation for Impact Test”. This report does not define methodology and equipment for performing verification tests of the transducers. It is intended that any agency proposing to conduct tests in accordance with SAE J211 should be able to demonstrate that the transducers they use would meet the performance requirements specified in this information report.

The purpose of this information report is to provide guidelines for choosing accelerometers, load cells, and angular position transducers for use in impact testing. The aim is to provide uniformity in transducer measurements, and provide a basis for meaningful comparisons of test results from different sources.

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