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Dynamic Simulation Sled Testing
standard by SAE International, 11/09/2009

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Dynamic simulation sled testing can represent various automotive collision conditions. Deceleration conditions during sled testing are readily reproducible and can be tuned to simulate collision events that occur during vehicle impacts with a fixed barrier or vehicle. Sled tests are conducted on automotive vehicle bodies or other structures to obtain valuable information. This information can be used to evaluate the dynamic performance of, but not limited to, vehicle restraint systems, vehicle seating systems and body closure systems.

The purpose of this SAE Recommended Practice is to establish sufficient standardization of dynamic simulation sled testing methods so that results of similar tests conducted at different facilities can be compared. The dynamic simulation sled test device may be one of several types, which include an acceleration sled (Hyge) or a deceleration sled where the deceleration pulse is controlled.

The primary objective of this standard test method is to provide realistic simulation of the forces, which act on vehicle systems and occupants during vehicle collisions. This document also describes photographic documentation and measurements of occupant dynamics useful in evaluating restrain system design.

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