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Electromagnetic Compatibility Control Requirements Systems
standard by SAE International, 08/01/1999

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This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) establishes overall system electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) control requirements. EMC includes the following: a. electromagnetic environmental effects (Eu3); b. electrostatic discharge (ESD); c. electromagnetic interference (EMI); d. electromagnetic vulnerability (EMV); e. electromagnetic pulse (EMP); f. hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordance (HERO); g. hazards of electromagnetic radition to personnel (HERP); h. hazards of electromagnetic radiation to fuels (HERF); i. High intensity radiated fields (HIRF); j. lightning protection; k. static electricity; and l. TEMPEST.

This document is intended to be used for the procurement of land, sea, air, or space systems by any procurement activity. Tailoring of specific requirements is necessary and Appendix A has been provided for guidance.

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