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Flux, Brazing, High Temperature
standard by SAE International, 10/31/2007

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This specification has been declared ???CANCELLED??? by the Aerospace Materials Division, SAE, as of October, 2007 and has been superseded by AWS A5.31 Types FB3-D, FB3-I, or FB3-J. The requirements of the latest issue of AMS AWS A5.31 (Specification for Fluxes for Brazing and Braze Welding) shall be fulfilled whenever reference is made to the cancelled AMS 3417B. By this action, this document will remain listed in the Numerical Section of the Index of Aerospace Material Specifications, noting that it has been superseded by AWS A5.31 Types FB3-D, FB3-I, or FB3-J.

This specification covers a high temperature brazing flux in the form of paste or powder.

This flux has been used typically with copper alloy and gold-nickel filler metals for torch brazing of nickel alloys, ferrous metals including austenitic steels, and tungsten and chromium carbides, at temperatures in the range 1700 to 2200 degrees F (927 to 1204 degrees C). Flux may also be used for critical heating applications involving long heating cycles for high temperature brazing, or for intense, localized heating cycles such as fast induction heating applications, but usage is not limited to such applications.

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