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Silicone Rubber Compound Room Temperature Vulcanizing, 15,000 Centipoise Viscosity Durometer 35 – 55 (Stabilized: Jan 2012)
standard by SAE International, 01/17/2012

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This document has been declared “Stabilized” and will no longer be subjected to periodic reviews for currency. Users are responsible for verifying references and continued suitability or technical requirements. New technology may exist.

This specification covers a silicone rubber in the form of a two-component liquid compound. Primarily for potting or encasement of electrical and electronic components with an elastomeric medium or for production of mechanical rubber parts in low-pressure tooling. Elastomeric properties are retained in operation from -55 to +230 degrees C (-67 to +446 degrees F). For mechanical applications where compression set resistance is important, elevated temperature post-curing of parts may be required.

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