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Sealing Compound, Polysulfide for Aircraft Windshields and Canopies, for Use up to 250mDF (121mDC)
standard by SAE International, 03/01/2008

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This specification covers types and classes of polysulfide sealing compound supplied as a two-component system suitable for application by brush, or by extrusion gun, spatula brush, or roller.

This product has been used typically for sealing aircraft windshields and canopies. This includes both sealing between the windshild/canopy and the aircraft structure for pressure sealing, and sealing around the windshield/canopy for weather sealing, but usage is not limited to such applications. The sealing compound cures at room temperature and may have an accelerated cure at higher temperatures. The sealing compounds are usable from -65 to 250 degrees F (-54 to 121 degrees C).

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