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Environmental care
standard by NORSOK, 11/01/2017

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NORSOK S-003:2017 applies to the design and modification of installations for offshore drilling andproduction of petroleum, including pipelines.

The requirements in this standard are primarily defined for new designs. Therefore, for modificationprojects the relevance and applicability of the different requirements should be reviewed in contextwith the scope of each project.

This standard stipulates design requirements related to the environment as well as requirementsregarding systematic management of environmental aspects in project development and thedesign process.

Requirements from applicable governing documents, in the form of acts, regulations, standards,recognized practices, are not repeated in this standard. Those governing documents shall beidentified, listed, and applied during the design process.

More stringent requirements than those of this standard can apply to certain license areas, and theconditions of the exploitation license shall be observed.

The purpose of this standard is to ensure that the design of the facilities minimises impacts to theenvironment during the operational and decommissioning phases.

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