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Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization (MMPDS) Handbook – Chapter 5 – Titanium Alloys
Handbook / Manual / Guide by Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization, 04/01/2015

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The Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization (MMPDS) Handbook, is an accepted source for metallic material and fastener system allowables recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense (DoD), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) within the limitations of the certification requirements of the specific government agency.

This chapter contains the engineering properties and related characteristics of titanium and titanium alloys used in aircraft and missile structural applications. General comments on engineering properties and the considerations relating to alloy selection are presented in Section 5.1. Mechanical- and physical-property data and characteristics pertinent to specific alloy groups or individual alloys are reported in Sections 5.2 through 5.5.

Titanium is a relatively lightweight, corrosion-resistant structural material that can be strengthened greatly through alloying and, in some of its alloys, by heat treatment. Among its advantages for specific applications are: good strength-to-weight ratio, low density, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance at intermediate temperatures, good toughness, and low heattreating temperature during hardening, and others.

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