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IEEE DC Quick Charger for Use with Electric Vehicles Test Suite Specification – Version 1.0
standard by IEEE, 09/17/2019

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– Active.This test suite specification (TSS) provides organizations that are testing dc quick chargers for use with electric vehicles performance with a suite of unambiguous test plans.This TSS further provides requirements for equipment used for the testing of dc quick chargers, requirements for the measurements, observations and/or document evidence that are to be recorded in a final test report.Test plans and requirements in this TSS are more specific than requirements of the standard for dc quick charger performance. The standard specifies the test environments for the dc quick charger under test and the performance limits that must be met by the charger, but neither specifies the test procedure to be used nor the specific calculations made to determine charger performance. Without specific test procedures and calculations, tests that are implemented by different test designers may yield different results.Furthermore, some ambiguities in the standard are identified and this TSS sets requirements based on a single interpretation of the ambiguous clauses. In accordance with the IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP) Policy, the authors of this document will work closely with the standard setting organizations to resolve the ambiguities in future revisions of the standard. This TSS may be revised thereafter to reflect the standarda??s revision once it is published.Electric Vehicle (EV) charger testing organizations that participate in The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Conformance Assessment Program (ICAP) EV Charger Certification Program must comply with the test plans and requirements in this document. Conformance with this TSS is assessed as part of the ICAP certification program.

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