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IEEE Grid Vision 2050: Vision, Reference Model and Roadmap (Bundle)
standard by IEEE, 04/30/2013

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– Active.This bundle contains three documents: IEEE Grid Vision 2050, IEEE Grid Vision 2050 Roadmap, and IEEE Grid Vision 2050 Reference Model. The IEEE Grid Vision 2050 describes the IEEE Power & Energy Societys (PES) vision of the power system infrastructure into the year 2050. This document sets the stage and includes future scenarios, electricity generation (Make), electricity transmission and distribution (Move), and electricity usage (Use). It also covers the related Operations and Control issues. This document also uses scenarios from the International Energy Agency (IEA), which defines future energy availability, production and usage into the year 2050. The goal of the IEEE Grid Vision 2050 Roadmap is to stimulate discussion and challenge ideas around the deployment of power and energy technologies. The IEEE PES Horizon 2050 team gives a general indication of when technologies could be expected for deployment, and the team takes a step forward and tries to group research and standard development needs for the required power and energy technologies in the future. The IEEE Grid Vision 2050 Reference Model summarizes the main concepts defined in the IEEE Grid Vision 2050; such as, reference models for energy usage, energy delivery, and energy operations and control. For Corporate or Institutional Access, request a custom quote for your organization at

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