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IEEE Vision for Smart Grid Controls: 2030 and Beyond Reference Model
standard by IEEE, 09/12/2013

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– Active.The Smart Grid is a system of distributed systems whose domains span the more traditionaldomains of bulk generation, transmission, distribution, consumers, markets, and powerelectronics, with the growing penetration of relatively newer domains such as renewables, electricvehicles, and demand-response-compatible loads. Smart Grid control enables prescriptions forinterconnections and interactions among these traditional and emerging domains at the rightinstants, at the right locations, and in the right manner (Figure 1). The combined expertise ofcontrol engineers and scientists will ensure that appropriate loops are closed, optimal set pointsand supervisory commands are generated, and desired goals of resiliency, renewables integration,reliability, security, and empowerment of consumers are met [i.e., to realize a Smart Grid vision(Figure 2)].Starting with the planning stages of markets, and following the path of the electron all the wayfrom generation to the end user??????and increasingly in reverse as well??????several problems withachieving the desired set criteria and objectives have to be solved in an automated and optimizedmanner. The Smart Grid will be a holistically and pervasively closed-loop system; control will becentral in the grid landscape (Figure 3). The underlying physics, the interconnection topologies,and the dynamic interactions among various domains will inform control algorithms andarchitectures (Figure 4). The challenge is to identify the most dominant features of these physics,interconnections, and interactions (e.g., control-oriented models), as well as to determine the mostefficient, effective, and resilient control solutions. For Corporate or Institutional Access, request a custom quote for your organization at

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