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standard by IEEE, 07/03/2018

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– Active.The 1900 bundle goes beyond simple, short definitions by providing amplifying text that explains these terms in the context of the technologies that use them. It also describes how these technologies interrelate and create new capabilities while at the same time providing mechanisms supportive of new spectrum management paradigms such as dynamic spectrum access. It will aid in the optimization of radio resource usage, including spectrum access control, in heterogeneous wireless access networks. It interfaces and service access points defined in IEEE Std 1900.4TM are described in detail, enabling distributed decision making in heterogeneous wireless networks and obtaining context information for this decision making.It includes procedures, protocols, and message format specifications for the exchange of sensing related data, control data, and configuration data between spectrum sensors and their clients. In addition, specifications for the exchange of sensing related and other relevant data and related interfaces between the data archive and other data sources have been added. It also defines a vendor-independent set of policy-based control architectures and corresponding policy language requirements for managing the functionality and behavior of dynamic spectrum access networks.This bundle includes: IEEE 1900.1-2008, IEEE 1900.1a-2012, IEEE 1900.2-2008, IEEE 1900.4-2009, IEEE 1900.4a-2011, IEEE 1900.4.1-2013, IEEE 1900.5-2011, IEEE 1900.5.2-2017, IEEE 1900.6-2011, IEEE 1900.6-2011/Cor 1-2015, IEEE 1900.6a-2014, IEEE 1900.7-2015

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