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IEEE Standard Specifications for High-Voltage Expulsion, Current-Limiting, and Combination-Type Distribution and Power Class External Fuses, with Rated Voltages from 1 kV through 38 kV, Used for the Protection of Shunt Capacitors
standard by IEEE, 07/25/2008

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New IEEE Standard – Superseded.This standard establishes specifications for high-voltage (above 1000 V) distribution and power class expulsion, current-limiting, and combination-type external capacitor fuses and accessories, with rated voltages from 1 kV through 38 kV, for protecting shunt capacitors complying with IEEE Std 18-2002 and NEMA CP 1-2000. All of these devices are intended for use on ac systems. These fuses may be used with capacitor units, groups of units, or entire banks and include specific capacitor line [group] and capacitor unit fuse types as follows: a) Current-limiting fuses; b) Expulsion fuses; c) Combination of current-limiting and expulsion fuses; d) Fuse supports, fuse mountings, and accessories used with fuses of type a), type b), and type c); and e) Current-limiting, expulsion, and combination-type capacitor fuses [type a), type b), and type c), respectively] used in fuse enclosure packages (FEPs). (Superseded by IEEE C37.42-2016.)

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