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IEEE Standard for Low-Voltage AC Power Circuit Breakers Used in Enclosures
standard by IEEE, 03/20/2009

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Revision Standard – Superseded.The following enclosed low-voltage ac power circuit breakers are covered in this standard: a) stationary or draw-out type of two-, three-, or four-pole construction, with one or more rated maximum voltages of 635 V (600 V for units incorporating fuses), 508 V, and 254 V for application on systems having nominal voltages of 600 V, 480 V, and 240 V; b) unfused or fused circuit breakers; c) manually or power operated; and d) with or without electromechanical or electronic trip devices. Service conditions, ratings, functional components, temperature limitations and classifications of insulating materials, insulation (dielectric) withstand voltage requirements,test procedures, and application are discussed in this standard.

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