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IEEE Shielded Power Cable Systems – IEEE 400 Series (Bundle)
standard by IEEE, 04/23/2019

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– Active.SINGLE-USER LICENSE:– These standards cover topics such as various field test methods that are currently available or under development and shielded insulated power cable systems rated 5 kV and above. The standards also describe the tests and gives advantages and disadvantages, suggested applications, and typical results. Complete guides covering some of the test methods listed are available in the form of IEEE 400 “point” documents. It also Includes the recommended practices and procedures for acceptance and maintenance testing of shielded, laminated dielectric insulated power cable systems 5 kV and above is presented. Describes very low frequency (VLF) withstand and diagnostic tests and the measurements that are performed in the field on shielded power cable systems. Whenever possible, cable systems are treated in a similar manner to individual cables and the diagnostic testing of new or service-aged installed shielded power cable systems, which include cable, joints, and terminations, using partial discharge (PD) detection, measurement, and location.This bundle includes 5 active IEEE standards in the 400 family which are: IEEE 400-2012, IEEE 400.1-2018, IEEE 400.2-2013, IEEE 400.3-2006, and IEEE 400.4-2015, a savings of over 55% of single item.

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