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IEEE Guide for the Use of IEEE Standard Dictionary of Measures to Produce Reliable Software
standard by IEEE, 06/12/1989

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New IEEE Standard – Inactive-Withdrawn.This IEEE Standards product is part of the family on Software Engineering. This guide provides the underlying concepts and motivation for establishing a measurement process for reliable software, utilizing IEEE Std 982.1-1988, IEEE Standard Dictionary of Measures to Produce Reliable Software. It contains information necessary for application of measures to a project. It includes guidance for the following: applying product and process measures throughout the software life cycle, providing the means for continual self-assessment and reliability improvement; optimizing the development of reliable software, beginning at the early development stages with respect to constraints such as cost and schedule; maximizing the reliability of software in its actual use environment during the operation and maintenance phases; and developing the means to manage reliability in the same manner that cost and schedule are managed. The guide is intended for design, development, evaluation (e.g., auditing or procuring agency), and maintenance personnel; software quality and software reliability personnel; and operations and acquisition support managers. It is organized to provide input to the planning process for reliability management.

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