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IEEE Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems
standard by IEEE, 07/24/2008

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Revision Standard – Superseded.This standard defines a protocol enabling precise synchronization of clocks in measurement and control systems implemented with technologies such as network communication, local computing and distributed objects. The protocol is applicable to systems communicating by local area networks supporting multicast messaging including but not limited to Ethernet. The protocol enables heterogeneous systems that include clocks of various inherent precision, resolution, and stability to synchronize to a grandmaster clock. The protocol supports system-wide synchronization accuracy in the sub-microsecond range with minimal network and local clock computing resources. The default behavior of the protocol allows simple systems to be installed and operated without requiring the administrative attention of users. The standard includes mappings to UDP/IP, DeviceNet and a layer-2 Ethernet implementation.An Interpretation is available at

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