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IEEE Standard for Boot (Initialization Configuration) Firmware: Core Requirements and Practices
standard by IEEE, 10/28/1994

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New IEEE Standard – Inactive-Withdrawn.Firmware is the read-only-memory (ROM)-based software that controls a computer between the time it is turned on and the time the primary operating system takes control of the machine. Open Firmware provides the following: a mechanism for loading and executing programs (such as operating systems) from disks, tapes, network interfaces, and other devices; an ISA-independent method for identifying devices plugged in to expansion buses and for providing firmware and diagnostics drivers for these devices; an extensible and programmable command language based on the Forth programming language; methods for managing user-configurable options stored in nonvolatile memory; a call back interface allowing other programs to make use of Open Firmware services; and debugging tools for hardware, firmware, firmware drivers, and system software.

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