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Fluorine and Fluorine Mixtures with Inert Gases (Includes 2/13/2020 Correction)
standard by Compressed Gas Association, 02/01/2018

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This publication is for suppliers, distributors, and users of gaseous fluorine and mixtures of fluorine with inert gases and handling equipment. This publication is intended for fluorine and mixtures where the resulting fluorine concentrations greater than or equal to 0.5% fluorine are considered to present a risk of reaction due to the oxidizing potential.

This publication provides a good understanding of the potential hazards involved in storage, use, and transportation of compressed fluorine and its mixtures with inert gases and approaches to be taken to minimize the risk of incidents.

The manufacture, purification, liquefaction, and analysis of fluorine or its mixtures with inert gases are beyond the scope of this publication, although the general guidance given is also relevant to these processes.

An audit checklist is located in Appendix A of this publication.

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