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Standard Test Method for Temperature Measurement and Profiling for Microwave Susceptors
standard by ASTM International, 04/01/2014

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1.1 This is a test method for measuring surface temperatures attained by microwave interactive packaging and cooking aids (that is, susceptors). It is useful for measuring susceptor/food interface temperatures during microwave preparation of foods with susceptor-based packaging, heating pads, and crisping sleeves, etc. It may also be used to measure the temperature of a susceptor exposed to extractives testing or in a liquid extraction cell to be used for nonvolatile extractives testing. The latter procedures are performed to establish test conditions for conducting extraction and migration studies using temperature versus time profiles approximating those for actual microwave preparation of the product.

1.1.1 Several of the steps of this test method are taken directly from Test Method F1308 which gives extraction testing procedures for susceptors.

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