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Standard Practice for Rehabilitation of a Sewer Service Lateral and Its Connection to the Main Using a One Piece Main and Lateral Cured-in-Place Liner
standard by ASTM International, 12/01/2017

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1.1 This practice covers requirements and test methods for the reconstruction of a sewer service lateral pipe having an inner diameter of 3 to 12 in. (7.6 to 30.5 cm) and its connection to the main pipe having an inner diameter of 6 to 24 in. (15.2 to 61.0 cm) and up the lateral a maximum of 150 ft without excavation. The lateral pipe is accessed remotely from the main pipe and from a lateral access point. This will be accomplished by the installation of a resin impregnated one-piece main and lateral cured-in-place lining (MLCIPL) by means of air inflation and inversion. The MLCIPL is pressed against the host pipe by pressurizing a bladder and is held in place until the thermoset resins have cured. When cured, the MLCIPL shall be a continuous, one piece, tight fitting, corrosion resistant lining extending over a predetermined length of the lateral pipe and the adjacent section of the main pipe, providing a verifiable non-leaking structural connection and seal.

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