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Standard Performance Specification for Labeling Protective Clothing Which Provides Resistance to Incidental Exposures to Heat or Open Flame
standard by ASTM International, 03/15/2019

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1.1 This specification provides minimum requirements for labeling protective clothing offering heat, flame, and melting resistance for applications where the potential exists for incidental exposure to open flame, radiant heat sources, or hot surfaces which could melt or ignite materials.

1.1.1 Examples of possible applications for this specification include safety apparel, including high-visibility safety apparel, in situations where the possibility exists for accidental contact with hot surfaces, radiant heat sources, or an open flame; clothing worn by individuals for chemical, liquid, or particle protection where the possibility exists for clothing to similarly contact a burner or similar low-intensity flame source; or other clothing worn by individuals that comes in contact with torch flames, hot piping, or other surfaces that melt, degrade, or ignite clothing materials by proximity or contact.

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