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Safety glass for land vehicles
standard by Standards Australia, 03/07/1983

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Outlines requirements and tests for flat and curved heat-treated (toughened or tempered) and laminated safety glass for road vehicles, railway locomotives and rolling stock and other railway vehicles. Heat-treated glass for windscreens is required to contain a zone of modified heat treatment. Three zones are referred to and illustrated. For laminated glass, provision is made for standard laminates for other than windscreens and for high performance laminates meeting the optical requirements specified for heat-treated safety glass and suitable for windscreens. A general section covers the optical, quality and dimensional requirements of both heat-treated and laminated glass, and separate sections state the specific requirements for each type. Tests are prescribed for uniformity and fragmentation of heat-treated glass, and for light stability, fracture and adhesion, boiling water and impact resistance (high performance laminates) of laminated glass. For luminous transmittance the minimum requirement (85 percent) for the primary vision area of windscreens is compatible with ADR 8, and for railway vehicles it is 70 percent. A luminous transmittance of not less than 70 percent is recommended for safety glasses other than windscreens. Obscuration bands and special applications are considered separately.

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