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Retention of Creases in Fabrics after Repeated Home Laundering
standard by American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, 2011

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This test method is designed to evaluate the retention of pressed-in creases in fabrics after repeated home laundering. Any washable fabric may be evaluated for crease retention using this method.Fabrics of any construction, such as woven, knit and nonwoven, may be evaluated according to this method.Techniques for creasing are not outlined, since the purpose is to evaluate fabrics as they will be supplied from manufacturing or as ready for use. Furthermore, creasing techniques would be controlled by fabric properties.

Creased fabric specimens are subjected to standard home laundering practices. A choice is provided of hand or machine washing, alternative machine wash cycles and temperatures, and alternative drying procedures. Evaluation is performed using a standard lighting and viewing area by rating the appearance of specimens in comparison with appropriate reference standards.

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