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Drycleaning: Durability of Applied Designs and Finishes (Editorial Revision 2010)
standard by American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, 01/01/2010

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1. Purpose and Scope

1.1 This test method indicates the effect of repeated drycleanings on the durability of applied-design or finish on textiles and other materials. It is also applicable for evaluating the durability of applied design materials and finishing agents manufactured for the use on fabrics and other products intended for apparel and household use which are renovated in consumer service by commercial drycleaning procedures. This test method is to be used for evaluating the resistance of colors to spot and stain removal procedures used by the drycleaner.1.2 This test method is not intended for evaluating colorfastness to drycleaning. For colorfastness properties use AATCC Test Method 132, Colorfastness to Drycleaning.

2. Principle

2.1 A specimen is agitated in a solution of solvent and drycleaning detergent with steel balls to simulate the kind of mechanical action that occurs in a drycleaning machine. A large specimen is provided to produce a correlation with commercial conditions.

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